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Road trip message

Somewhere in South Africa

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Why Music Makes Our Brain Sing

And so there you have the answer as to why I love music!

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Can’t wait for the album to be released. It’s going to be a good summer.


Here’s the second video of the Studio Sessions.


Footage from May 29, 2013.

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Glad to see my one of my all time favorites is being shared. I mean, that Clint Eastwood is just too awesome. 


We’ve been admiring the portrait work of Dutch power duo Inez and Vinoodh, whose fashion photography has been at the top of its game for nearly 20 years and counting.

Celebrity Portraiture at its Absolute Best

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A gentle reminder to those who hate Valentine’s day.


In general, if a group of people is celebrating something that you, yourself, do not particularly care to celebrate, the gracious thing to do is quietly let them celebrate while doing your own thing. Don’t barge loudly into their holiday and declare it a sham. Just sit it out. 

Sure, as soon as everyone stops rubbing it in my nose and make it everyone’s business what I happen to do on a Thursday night. No one seems to care what I do for Chinese New Year, so why care now?

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Table Cloth Afloat

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Simply love it!


Massimo Listri explores some of the world’s most popular museums, but only when every last soul has left the building. These commanding photos have a sense of awe and silence that is simply terrific!

When Crowded Spaces Empty Out: A Beautiful Emptiness

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Currently on repeat; it just makes me feel really happy!

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St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry

Not bad for a first project, but eventually this lucky bracelet will need to find an owner with a bigger wrist. Beginner errors :)